04.06.2016 – 03.07.2016
Uwe Bender

Uwe Bender (born 3 June 1943) is oldest Schlumper who is still active. He calls himself the “Number One” Schlumper, and it is true that he was among the very first members of the atelier group “Die Schlumper” founded in 1980 by the Hamburg artist Rolf Laute (1941-2013). Uwe Bender’s “Affenbaum” [Monkey Tree] from 1984 has become the trademark of the group. 

The art connoisseur Günther Gercken has written concerning Uwe Bender: “With his prolific production and mastery of all kinds of formats, he considers himself not only a professional artist, but also the Picasso of the group. … The inability to draw realistically has liberated him formally …”

For Rolf Laute, Uwe Bender was a key figure in the group. Bender’s sense of himself as an artist, his absolutely obsessive production of drawings, and his refusal to undertake any form of imposed work were decisive in the founding of an atelier for handicapped artists, and later for the establishment of the work project “Schlumper by Profession”, which significantly improved the working conditions for artists like Uwe Bender.


A catalogue of the exhibition is available.


Opening: June 3rd, 2016 at 7 p.m.

Opening hours: 
Wednesday – Friday 16 –19 h, Saturday 11 – 17 h, Sunday 14 – 17 h 


Galerie der Schlumper

Marktstrasse 131

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