28.11.2014 – 28.02.2015
Outdoor – The Schlumper Gallery

In a group exhibition titled “Outdoor”, the Schlumper Gallery presents various artistic attitudes through painting, sketches, prints, photography, and objects which deal thematically with the “Outdoors” – landscapes in the city, as well as in nature. In addition to artists from the Schlumper cooperative altelier, a number of other Hamburg artists are represented this time in an inclusive exhibition. Also, the Schlumper Gallery here cooperates for the first time with the “Kunstwerkstatt 18” from the forensic therapy center in Ochsenzoll.

The artist Benjamin Binder was asked, “Why are landscapes so beautiful?” He answered:

“I like the Harz mountains so much, because they are mountains, and I like mountains so much, because they rise in the direction of Heaven, upwards and away, and that’s why the heavens interest me, because I used to be in the spiritual world and have so much to do with guardian angels, and the landscape in the Harz is so beautiful, because it goes up and down, and that for me is the way it is in paradise …”


Participants in the exhibition at the Schlumper Gallery:


Magid Ajjane, Benjamin Binder, Bettina Blohm, Birgit Brandis, Stefanie Bubert, Johannes Dechau, Julia Maiquez Esterlich, Martin Gertler, Jessica Halm, Jörg Höling, Gustav Kluge, Benjamin Langner, Burkhard Oestreich, Nicole Schmuhl, Brigitte Wolter und Künstler aus der Kunstwerkstatt 18.


Opening: Thursday, 27.11.2014 at 19.00 h

3.10. – 16.11.2014
Photography meets Artists

Jo Goertz, Die Schlumper and others 


Titled "Photography meets Artists" the Schlumper Gallery shows a selection of works, which were produced in the course of a project by the potographer Jo Goertz. The photos made by Jo Goertz in the years of 2012 and 2013 were given to the artists who had been portraited as prints (60x80 cm) to rework the originals. This way a multitude of painted over photographs were generated of which exampelgiving details are shown. Jo Goertz has documented the project in a book titled "Outsider – Photography meets Artists 2", which is available in the exhibition. Parallel to it one can see further works of the artists of the Schlumper Studio who took part in the project.


The following artists take part in the exhibition:

Magid Ajjane, Bettina Arelt, Uwe Bender, Stefanie Bubert, Malte Kaiser, Rohullah Kazimi, Afsaneh Lempio, Tongtad Mahasuwan, Dominik Pawlowski, Samuel Cariaux, Michael Hall, Patrick Hanocq, Andreas Kretz, Alain Meert und Andrea Rausch.


Opening: Thursday, 2.10.2014, 19.30 h
Opening hours: Wednesday – Friday 16 –19 h, Saturday 11 – 17 h, Sunday 14 – 17 h




12.9. – 21.9.2014
projekt.Egalbar in the Schlumper Gallery


More than two years ago the house in Marktstrasse 131 was torn down, with it also the "Egalbar" vanished. Now the "Schlumper Gallery" is located there in the recently finished new building. We are particularly happy to present the "project.Egalbar" of Nils Emde and Elena Getzieh at the original location. Besides the "project.Egalbar" one can also see works of the artists Bernhard Krebs and Horst Wäßle from the "Atelier der Schlumper" and the project "Barkeepers" from Dani Freitag and Alexandra Grieß, who show dioramas of bars already gone or threatened to be torn down.





Opening: Friday, 12 September 2014 at 19h
Opening hours: daily from 16 – 19h and within the regular opening hours of the gallery 

In addition also from 21h with open end.






A Look Back to the Future

The first exhibition in the new Schlumper Gallery casts a look back to the beginning of this group of artists. However, the uniqueness of the Schlumpers’ art also includes an element of surprise, a look toward the future.

In addition to work by artists from the group’s early years, works will be shown by a new generation of Schlumper artists who have since joined the group, offering a view of things to come. 


Featured Artists:
Uwe Bender, Werner Voigt, Klara Zwick, Margot Gruhl, Karl-Ulrich Iden, Benjamin Binder, Stefanie Bubert, Katharina Ellrich, Magid Ajjane and Birte Seidensticker, among others. 

Opening: 27 June 2014 at 19 h

Duration: 28 June to 6 September 2014