16.11.2015 – 07.02.2016

Celebrating 35 years of the artists group “Die Schlumper”, 30 years of the “Friends of the Schlumpers” support group, and 20 years of the school project “Schule der Schlumper”. 

For the 20th anniversary of the cooperation between the Louise Schroeder School and Die Schlumper, the Schlumper Atelier will exhibit works by students who attended the school between 1995 and 2015.

The Galerie der Schlumper will also show selected works from the permanent Schlumper collection in a dialogue with works by the current members of the group. 

The opening matinee will take place in the Schlumper Atelier.  


Introductory remarks:

Dr. Christian Mürner, Freunde der Schlumper e.V.

Michael Rieger, Director of the Louise Schröder School.



Gino Romero Ramirez with the Geigenkinder string group of the Louise Schroeder School. 


Opening: Sunday, 15 November 2015, 12 pm

Atelier der Schlumper, Neuer Kamp 30, 20357 Hamburg


Galerie der Schlumper opening hours: Wed. – Fri. 4 – 7 pm, 

Sat. 11 am – 5 pm, Sun. 2 – 5 pm 

Atelier opening hours: Sat. 11 am – 5 pm



09.10.2015 – 01.11.2015
St. Petersburg – Hamburg

In April 2013, works by members of the artist groups “Perspektivy Art Studio” (St. Petersburg) and “Die Schlumper” (Hamburg) were shown together in St. Petersburg in the exhibition “Parallels”. As a continuation of this exchange, the artists from St. Petersburg are now guests in the “Galerie der Schlumper” in Hamburg.

The “Perspektivy Art Studio“ was founded in 2001 with the support of the charitable organization “Perspektivy“ in the psycho-neurological dormitory No. 3 of the Peterhof Hospital outside St. Petersburg. 

Three of the St. Petersburg artists are in Hamburg for a week-long work project in the Schlumper Atelier and will be present at the opening. 


Speaking at the opening will be Ingrid Körner, Senate Coordinator of the City of Hamburg for Handicapped Equality, and Volker Carroll, a board member of “Perspektiven”, an organization, which supports projects for socially disadvantaged people in Eastern Europe.  


Participating in the exhibition:

Elena Ageeva, Magid Ajjane, Stefanie Bubert, Irina Delova, Katharina Ellrich, Evgeniy Fedishin, Senem Gürüz, Alexander Gultsev, Karl-Ulrich Iden, Vitaliy Ivanov, Lubov Kalinina, Rohullah Kazimi, Bernhard Krebs, Friederike Körner, Vitaliy Koluzaev, Benjamin Langner, Ilgar Nagafov, Vasiliy Oleniov, Michael Sokolov, Viktor Vasiliev, Horst Wäßle, Marianne Wendland, Klara Zwick






Opening: Thursday, October 8th 2015, 7:00 p.m.

Opening hours: Wednesday – Friday 16 –19 h, Saturday 11 – 17 h, Sunday 14 – 17 h



10.07.2015 – 27.09.2015
Stars Wars

Star Wars – Showbiz, Pop and other things. This summer the ‚Galerie der Schlumper’ shows objects, drawings, collages and paintings from the ‚Atelier der Schlumper’, the ‚Kunstwerkstatt 18’ and Jörg Marx.


Participating in the exhibition in the ‚Galerie der Schlumper’ are the following artists:

Bettina Arelt, Uwe Bender, Stefanie Bubert, Johannes Dechau, Ulla Diedrichsen, Michael Gerdsmann, Rohullah Kazimi, David Knöfler, Bernhard Krebs, Jörg Marx, Patrick Mertz, Dominik Pawlowski, Thorsten Raab, Horst Wäßle und Künstler der Kunstwerkstatt 18.


Opening: Thursday, July 9th 2015, 7:30 p.m.

Music: The Living Music Box

Opening hours: 
Wednesday – Friday 16 –19 h, Saturday 11 – 17 h, Sunday 14 – 17 h

29.05.2015 – 28.06.2015
Werner Voigt – Galerie der Schlumper


 Werner Voigt will be 80 on 25 June 2015. In 1984, at the age of 49, he began to draw and paint as a member of the Hamburg atelier group Die Schlumper. In the 21 years of his artistic activity as a “Schlumper by profession”, he created an exceptional body of work.

At the age of 4, in 1939, Werner Voigt arrived in Alsterdorf and went to school there. In a teacher’s report, there is a remark that Werner dealt well with colors and forms. This was ignored for the next 40 years. Werner Voigt always came to work in the Schlumper atelier with a briefcase, changed into a white smock, and drew and painted his typical figures with their red, smiling mouths. Voigt said, “I have three professions: men’s tailor, women’s seamstress, and artist.”

The new Schlumper Gallery, founded a year ago with the support of the Hans-Kauffmann Foundation, will show a representative selection of Werner Voigt’s artistic legacy.


A catalogue for the exhibition will be available.


Vernissage on 28 May 2015 at 19.00

Opening hours: Wednesday – Friday 16 –19 h, Saturday 11 – 17 h, Sunday 14 – 17 h

27.03.2015 – 17.05.2015
Everything repeats itself – The Schlumper Gallery

Theme of the exhibition with participation of artists of the „Atelier der Schlumper“ and the „Kunstwerkstatt 18“ ist the „Serial Art“. The occupation with always repeating motives in individual works makes the single work seem exchangeable, the „series“ can be comprehended only in the overall view. Nevertheless every picture remains independent and during the observation of the successive pictures one always is searching for minute changes or greater aberrations.


„Only in life everything repeats itself, eternally young is only the fantasy“ 

(Friedrich Schiller, An die Freunde, 1802)


Participating in the exhibition:


Bettina Arelt, Olaf Behnke, Michael Gerdsmann, Martin Gertler, Miriam Hosner, Malte Kaiser, Rohullah Kazimi, Lutz Krieger, Peggy Kahl, Rabka Mehr, A. Schwieger, Marianne Wendland u.a.


Opening: March 26th, 2015 at 7 p.m.
Opening hours: 
Wednesday – Friday 16 –19 h, Saturday 11 – 17 h, Sunday 14 – 17 h 

Closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.