21.06.2019 – 20.10.2019



What will our society look like? Will it become healthier, more perfect, flawless even? Because of medical progress this no longer seems utopian. An increasing number of diseases can be treated, genes can be adjusted, everything seems controllable. So now that we have an idea of what society could be like in the future, the question remains in which society we want to live.
Wit.h and Dr. Guislain Museum brought together visual and performing artists who wonder whether we really want to know everything that science can tell us, because with more freedom comes more responsibility. And how free will we actually be when we are making these choices?
Blood Test is not merely an exhibition, but also a Walking Opera, a Gesamkunstwerk in which music, visual arts and theatre merge. It is a walk alongside letters, tombstones and through an acoustic labyrinth, where you will meet semi-characters, extinct animals and quite an extraordinary giant.


Rohullah Kazimi from the Schlumper Studio is taking part in this exhibition.

Museum Dr. Guislain
Jozef Guislainstraat 43
B-9000 Gent

14.06.2019 – 01.09.2019
VISIONÄRE ROHBAUTEN (Visionary Constructions)

An Exhibition in Cooperation with the Hamburg Architecture Summer


The Schlumper Gallery dedicates this exhibition to the subject of architecture, with works by members of the atelier group “Die Schlumper” as well various guest artists.“Die Schlumper” is a group founded in 1980 by the Hamburg artist Rolf Laute. Their studio can be found since 1998 in the “Alte Rinderschlachthalle” [Old Abattoir] in the St. Pauli area of Hamburg. The name “Die Schlumper” is taken from the Hamburg street “Beim Schlump” where the group’s first studio was located.The Schlumper are artists with differing handicaps. They have individual perspectives, each has a personal style and unique subject matter. Some of the artists are involved thematically with visionary constructions, houses, subway stations, and interior decoration. Paintings, drawings, collages, and objects in which the visions of the artists have taken form in recent years have now been brought together in this exhibition.If one would like to place the work of Die Schlumper in a particular artistic category, the term “art brut” with all its artistic originality and authenticity comes to mind. The artistic singularity of the Schlumper artists in their architectural pictures and objects can be seen as a kind of “anarchitecture” – anarchical and distinctive works of art.


Participating Artists:

Daniel Behrendt, Stefanie Bubert, Johannes Dechau, Katharina Ellrich, Michael Gerdsmann, Martin Gertler, Grumbowski, Rudi Helbig, Karl-Ulrich Iden, Rohullah Kazimi, Benjamin Langner, Michael Mehldau, Dominik Nichtern, Hugo Rothenhäusler, Steve Schneider, Marianne Wendland, Klara Zwick, u.a.


Opening: 13 June 2019 at 7 pm


Monday – Friday   16 – 19
Saturday                11 – 17
Sunday                  14 – 17



Galerie der Schlumper

Marktstrasse 131

20357 Hamburg