12.04.2019 – 02.06.2019

Horst Wäßle was one of the earliest members of the artists´ collective “Die Schlumper” during the 1980s and played an influential role in the development of the group. When “Die Schlumper” were officially recognized by the city of Hamburg in 1993, Horst Wäßle was one of the first to be offered permanent employment as a “Schlumper by Profession.” 
Horst Wäßle has evolved a distinct individual style as a painter. He works spontaneously, painting whatever he sees that happens to interest or impress him. His pictures usually depict human or animal figures in everyday situations taken directly from life. He is not an abstract painter, although his figures possess a high degree of abstraction. Proportions are ignored and anatomic details are radically simplified. While his figures exhibit a certain stereotypical form, the persons depicted are unmistakably recognizable due to his keen observation of individual features and characteristics such as styles of clothing.
Horst Wäßle has participated in numerous exhibitions both within Germany and internationally. In addition to the conception and realization of various murals and wall installations, he has also contributed to many on-site works in public spaces. Horst Wäßle is one of the principal members of the creative team working together with schoolchildren in the “Schule der Schlumper”.

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Opening: 11 April 2019 at 19:00


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Galerie der Schlumper

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08.02.2019 – 31.03.2019


Opening: Thursday February 7, 2019 fom 7 p.m.


Participating Artists:

Claudia Apel, Johannes Dechau, Ulla Dietrichsen, Katharina Ellrich, Daniela Grewe, Christian Holtmann, Miriam Hosner, Rohullah Kazimi, Bernhard Krebs, Dominika Pawlowski, Horst Wäßle, Künstler der Kunstwerkstatt 18, u.a.


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Galerie der Schlumper

Marktstrasse 131

20357 Hamburg