02.06.2023 – 20.08.2023

Opening: 1 June 2023, 7 p.m.


This year’s summer exhibition of the gallery will be dedicated to the artist Stefanie Bubert.

She has been working with the Schlumpers since 1999. There she developed into an expressive, extremely successful artist.
Her works are found in private ownership and in various collections. She has been distinguished with prizes and has participated in numerous exhibitions. Two of her motifs are found on the book covers of a major publishing house and a work group was acquired by the Bundeskunstsammlung (Federal Collection of Contemporary Art).
Her style is distinctive, her way of working as independent as it is idiosyncratic.
First she chooses a colour for the painting ground. Her extraordinary colour perception and her sure feeling for the colour effect are already evident here. Bold shades and mixtures are preferred and applied generously, rapidly and zestfully. Thus develops the central motif, also executed quickly and dynamically. 
A powerful horizontal line usually provides the spatial orientation for the concluding writing. 
The relationship of image and text is especially important in this context.
In her pictorial worlds, she generally dedicates herself to themes from her immediate environment. Appropriate motifs were of course selected for the summer exhibition: the sun is shining, it sometimes gets cloudy, two types of ice cream and fruit are offered. Maybe we will drive into the mountains, put on a pair of glasses, wear a T-shirt or a summer dress and celebrate a small festival of modern painting.
The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue.


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