Friends of
the Schlumpers

The non-profit organization “Friends of the Schlumpers” was established in 1985. It has as its goal the public recognition of the creative ability possessed by handicapped people and seeks to facilitate their social integration and artistic development.


The organization evolved the arts project “Schlumper by Profession” and for many years was its primary sponsor. In this capacity, the “Friends of the Schlumpers” founded the “Schlumper Collection” to preserve the group’s art and art objects. 


In order to secure the artists’ future, the association in 2002 passed the responsibility for the project “Schlumper by Profession” to the Alsterdorf Evangelical Foundation and their workshop project “alsterarbeit gGmbH”. The “Friends of the Schlumpers” nonetheless remain in charge of marketing and the group’s exhibition activities. All of the associations resources are devoted to the artists.


The association “Friends of the Schlumpers” supports the group’s art both materially and idealistically and retains the ownership and sole responsibility for the care and maintenance of the entire “Schlumper Collection” of paintings and art objects. With the “Schlumper Collection”, the unique artistic achievement of the Schlumpers is now being preserved in its entirety.  



Neuer Kamp 30, 20357 Hamburg

Telephone: +49 40 43254270

Donations account: 
Freunde der Schlumper e.V. 
IBAN DE74 2003 0000 0003 3757 48

Board of Directors:

Werner Bork

Stefani Burmeister

Ulrich Hentschel

Peggy Kahl

Wibke Kähler-Siemssen

Anna-Karoline Pongs-Laute

Katharina Rohn

Annette Rutzenhöfer (Treasurer)

Reiner Schäfer (Chairperson)

Axel Winckler


District court Hamburg, Registration number: VR 10833


Society's constitution in German: